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Awarding educational scholarships to graduating seniors has been one of Port Aransas Boatmens major community service initiatives for over 20 years.

Since 1992, over 150 students have been awarded over $200,000 in scholarship funds.

In 1997, Port Aransas Boatmen established four scholarship categories eligible for funding:

  • Graduating seniors
  • High school graduates seeking assistance
  • Previous scholarship recipients seeking additional assistance
  • Individuals pursuing academic endeavors which will lead to a license or certification

To ensure the integrity of the scholarship awards, Port Aransas Boatmen has established guidelines which spell out for what purposes the funds may be used, how the funds will be disbursed, and the grade point average that must be maintained by the recipient in order to access the funds.

Endowed Scholarship Fund

Acknowledging the high priority of the function of the awarding scholarships, the Port Aransas Boatmen membership voted unanimously in June 1997, to establish the Port Aransas Boatmen Endowed Scholarship Fund.

The fund has been established as a Sec. 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization.  The purpose of the fund is to build a long term restricted fund allowing the interest and dividends to be used to fund scholarship awards.

The PAB provided start up funding for the Endowed Scholarship Fund with a $50,000 contribution.  Along with the initial contribution came a commitment by the Port Aransas Boatmen
to invest funds on an annual basis to build principal.  The ultimate goal of the Port Aransas Boatmen is to be in a position that would allow the awarding of scholarships to any students seeking assistance in the furtherance of their education.

The Port Aransas Boatmen continue to contribute to the fund to increase the educational opportunities for our young people today and for generations to come.

An Open Invitation

Educational accessibility is the cornerstone of the Port Aransas Boatmen Endowed Scholarship Fund.  Your contribution to the fund ensures additional opportunities for individuals pursuing their educational goals.  100% of all contributions will be utilized for scholarships.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Port Aransas Boatmen Endowed Scholarship Fund, please call the Boatmen at (361) 215-5928.

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